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HIGHTYME 7 ENTERTAINMENT OWNER & CEO SPENCER CARTER,  your  GOD  son   connected with  DON LUCHIANO,  furthermore  KNOWN  Equally   your current  RAPPER KNOWN  Just as  SHAWTY  has become   getting   amazing   reports   in  HIS MUCH ANTICIPATED ALBUM RELEASE SHAWTY VOL.1. SPENCER CARTER,  additionally  KNOWN  As  SHAWTY,  feel  SHOT  even though  LIVING  AND ALSO   signing   just  OUTSIDE  associated with  COLUMBUS, GEORGIA  in  PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA.

AUTHORITIES HAVE EXPLAINED  that the  HIT  The item   are  PLACED  towards  HEAD  involving  SPENCER CARTER  are   carried out   through   a great  GUNMAN  because of the   label   regarding  DAMON MOORE,  whom   was   a good  HIRED HITMAN  due to the  BMF,  greater  KNOWN  Just like   your  BLACK MAFIA FAMILY. DUE  in order to  HIS INJURIES, GANG THREATS  AS WELL AS   concerns   involving  HIS SAFETY, SHAWTY,  furthermore  KNOWN  As  SPENCER CARTER,  may be  UNABLE  in order to  PERFORM.

SINCE  possessing  BEEN SHOT SPENCER CARTER  has been   a great  LICENSED  AND  CONSECRATED MAN  associated with  GOD. HE  will be the  LEADER  associated with   ten  WAYZE MINISTRIES  AS WELL AS   sole   connected with  TODAY'S  almost all  PROLIFIC NEW  ALONG WITH  UPCOMING INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS. HIGHTYME 7 ENTERTAINMENT  will be  PREPARING  to help  BRING SHAWTY  to the  STAGE  IN ADDITION TO  TELEVISION  with the  NEAR FUTURE UNDER TERMS  that will   your current   safety measures   of  SPENCER CARTER  is actually  ASSURED  IN ADDITION TO   all  AUDIENCES  can be  REACHED  at   an  GLOBAL LEVEL.  with   the  INTERVIEW HE EXPLAINS,"WHEN  my partner and i  MAKE  It   towards  STAGE  i  WANT  in order to  PUT TOGETHER  the  SHOW  This   can  CAPTURE  many  AUDIENCES.  i  WANT  to help  CHANGE LIVES  throughout  WHAT  when i  PUT  towards  STAGE  IN ADDITION TO   we  WANT  regarding   most   a person   for you to   appreciate   and have  SOMETHING OUT  of  WHAT  i am  PUTTING TOGETHER!  MY PERSONAL  AUDIENCE KNOWS ME  due to the  WAY  The item  I'VE BEEN PUBLICIZED  with the  STREETS BUT  While  THEY  see   your  SHOW, THEY'LL  always be   capable of   check out  ME  because of its  MAN  It  GOD  offers  ENABLED ME  in order to  BECOME."

THE ALBUM SHAWTY VOL.1  can be a  DARK PROJECT  That   provides   us   a  UP CLOSE  AND   Particular   shop   in   ones  LIFE  connected with  SPENCER CARTER,  your  GOD  boy   associated with  DON LUCHIANO. AUDIENCES  anyplace  LOVE  to be able to  HEAR  the actual  PROJECT  AS WELL AS   are  ANTICIPATING NEW MATERIAL  through  SHAWTY  for the  NEAR FUTURE.  There are   no  STUNTS  IN ADDITION TO   absolutely no  FABRICATIONS  Any time   It  COMES  to   the actual  ARTIST. WHAT WE'VE  just about all  WANTED  is a   true  ARTIST  which has a   actual  STORY  ALONG WITH  HIGHTYME 7 ENTERTAINMENT  brings   The idea   to   people   with   the   initial  ALBUM PROJECT  from  SHAWTY CALLED SHAWTY VOL.1.
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